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Here's what you can look at on my website, as it is currently configured!

  • Latest edition (July 2018) is an article about the Bay Area Artist Susan Boulet – Susan Boulet: An Artist & her Cancer.
  • In September 2016 I've added a page with my current thinking about diet and health. I've included links to some great sites at the end.
  • There's a page on Faux-Thai Recipes. For some time I've collected recipes that claim to be "Thai" and are anything but. Here are just a few.
  • Travels in Thailand, 2004 tells, in words and pictures, of Kasma and my travels in Thailand during late January and early February, 2004. Thailand is a country very dear to my heart and I hope to convey some of the reasons why. All seven parts are now complete.
  • Babcock Humor explores the rather idiosyncratic humor that accompanied my early years and has insisted on following me through life. Warning - it is not the thigh-slapping, laugh 'til you drool kind. But it's all ours.
  • There are also two different versions of information about "statin" (cholesterol lowering) drugs, a short version, a longer version, with endnotes and a bibliography to the longer version. Although it was written in 2003, it is still very relevant. I hope to find time to add some of the newer information that vindicates examining the consequences of statin use very carefully indeed. My apologies for any out-of-date links; if you can't get to an article, let me know and I'll get it to you.

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