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Some Final Thoughts

If you’ve reached this page, you’ve probably read all the jokes. You are probably a relative.

I guess what strikes me the most is how often I still want to throw out the punch lines for these jokes — indicative of how they are embedded in consciousness. When my wife and I were looking for a house, we looked at one on "Boyd" Street. I’m not really certain why she didn’t cream me about the 5th time I said "Choips like a boyd" as we passed the street.

And at times, I wished she had a deeper appreciation of "How about the lynchings in the southern part of your country?" as I drop the line to remind her to consider that what I said might be true.

I do find something comforting about the jokes. When I visit my sister all one of us needs to do is to throw out a punch line to bring up shared memories of years and of decades.

I’m sure other families have their shared humor. Some people probably even had humor similar to ours.

Long live humor!

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