That Dog Can Talk

The Joke

A guy strolls into a bar with a dog, obviously a scruffy mongrel. The bartender starts to tell the guy to get that cur out of here! when the guy interrupts and says: "Please give me a minute here. My dog, which you mistakingly disparage, is a talking dog. And I am willing to get him to talk to you for a drink!"

Well, it’s a slow night, so the bartender figures "what the heck" and tells him to go ahead.

So the guy turns to the dog and says: "Now, Rover: what is it that we find above our heads?"

To which the dog enthusiastically answers: ROOF!"

Needless to say, the bartender is pissed. As he starts to tell the guy to get out the guy begs him for another chance, which is granted.

So this time he asks: "Rover. How was the road on our trip here."

To which the dog answers: ROUGH!"

Only by abject begging on his knees is another chance granted. So this time the guy asks: "Now Rover. Who is the greatest baseball player of all time?"

To which Rover answers: RUTH!"

The bartender’s had it. He picks up the guy by his collar and throws him out the door and kicks thee dog out after him. They roll across the street and land up with a jolt against the gutter. And as they lay there, the guy feeling his bruises and bumps, Rover turns to him and says:


The Context

I wish I could say what it is with Babcocks and talking dogs. Hey, nobody’s perfect! This joke does, however, splendidly capture the sense of the moment lost because of a wrong answer.

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