A Potpourri

The Jokes

Most of these are not full-blown jokes but they were such a part of growing up that they need to be included.

Keep Smiling

This was the caption found over a picture of an incredibly aged and ugly woman with a painful grimace on her face.

I Can’t Kick!

Everybody breaks a limb at some point or another. But, like Thumper in the movie, Bambi, we had been taught that "If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all." So when a Babcock broke a leg, and someone asks how he or she was doing, the only possible response was "I can’t kick!" So it became a way to tell someone that you weren’t so hot but, by gum, you weren’t gonna’ let it get you down!

Mother Loved Me, But She Died

This line seemed to surface a lot. The usual context was when someone was feeling a little too sorry for themselves.

Later Died

Whenever the conversation was about someone who was dead, these words ("Later Died") were often added right after their name. I’m not certain I have ever met anyone outside of the immediate family who "gets" the irony and subtle humor of these two words.

The Essence of Babcock Humor

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