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Bibliography for the article "Statins: Did your doctor tell you . . . " by Michael Babcock.

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Christian B. Allan, Ph.D. and Wolfgang Lutz, M.D., Life Without Bread (Keats Publishing, 2000).

These articles were originally posted online at Colorado Health Site, which is no longer active. I've been able to find links to many of them at the Internet Archive.

"CK Blood Test Inadequate to Diagnose Statin-Associated Myopathy," a review of "Statin-Associated Myopathy with Normal Creatine Kinase Levels," by Paul S. Phillips, MD; Richard H. Haas, MD; Sergei Bannykh, MD, PhD; Stephanie Hathaway, RN; Nancy L. Gray, RN; Bruce J. Kimura, MD; Georgirene D. Vladutiu, PhD; John D.F. England, MD, the Scripps Mercy Clinical Research Center; Annals of Internal Medicine, October 1, 2002.
"Editorial Comment on Cholesterol and Statin Drugs".
Beatrice A. Golomb in "Beatrice A. Golomb, MD, PhD on Statin Drugs".
"Identifying and Preventing Statin-Associated Muscle Problems" based on the study "Statin-Associated Myopathy," by Paul D. Thompson, MD; Priscilla Clarkson, PhD; Richard H. Karas, MD, PhD ; JAMA, April 2, 2003.
"Metabolic Syndrome and its Effects on Heart Disease and Diabetes" – A Colorado Health Site review of the study "Metabolic Syndrome With and Without C-Reactive Protein as a Predictor of Coronary Heart Disease and Diabetes in the West of Scotland Coronary Prevention Study, by Naveed Sattar, Allan Gaw, Olga Scherbakova, Ian Ford, Denis St.J. O'Reilly, Steven M. Haffner, Chris Isles, Peter W. Macfarlane, Chris J. Packard, Stuart M. Cobbe, and James Shepherd; Circulation, July 29, 2003."
"Questions Raised About Side Effects of Statin Drugs" – Link no longer available.
"Statins and Risk of Polyneuropathy: A Case-control Study," by D. Gaist, MD, PhD; U. Jeppesen, MD, PhD; M. Andersen, MD, PhD; L. A. Garcia Rodriguez, MD, MSc; J. Hallas, MD, PhD; and S. H. Sindrup MD, PhD; Neurology, May 2002.

Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig, Ph.D.,

"Diet and Disease: Not What you Think"
"The Oiling of America"
"The Skinny on Fats"
"What Causes Heart Disease"

Jocalyn Clark, "A hot flush for Big Pharma," BMJ (British Medical Journal) 2003;327;400 (16 August)

Bruce Fife, N.D., Saturated Fat May Save Your Life (HealthWise, 1999).

Beatrice A. Golomb, MD, PhD in "Beatrice A. Golomb, MD, PhD on Statin Drugs".

Duane Graveline, M.D., M.P.H.

"Cholesterol – Friend or Foe?"
"The Statin Dialogues – A Fable"
"Forgetfulness, Disorientation, Confusion and Statins"
"Transient Global Amnesia Associated With The Statin Drugs"
"Statin Damage to the Mevalonate Pathway"
"Aging and CoQ10"
"The Dark Side of Statins"

Barry Groves

"The Cholesterol Myth, Part 1: Introduction"
"The Dangers of Low Cholesterol"

The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics (THINCS).

Joel M. Kauffman (Professor of Chemistry Emeritus), "Statin Sales Slow"

Malcolm Kendricks MbChB, MRCGP,

"Idiotic Thinking In Medicine C-Reactive Protein: How The Medical Profession Will Turn A Symptom Into A Disease"
Malcolm Kendricks, MbChB, MRCGP, "Is Heart Disease All Due to Blood Clots?"
"Statins Do Not Prevent Heart Disease – At Least Not By Lowering LDL/Cholesterol Levels" – you will need to scroll down the page
"So, What Does Cause Heart Disease"
"Why The Cholesterol-Heart Disease Theory Is Wrong (Part Two)" – you will need to scroll down the page
"Why The Cholesterol-Heart Disease Theory Is Wrong (Part Three: A Raised LDL Level Has No Impact on Heart Disease)" – you will need to scroll down the page

Peter H. Langsjoen, M.D., F.A.C.C.,

"The Clinical Use of HMG CoA-reductase inhibitors (statins) and the associated depletion of the essential co-factor coenzyme Q10; a review of pertinent human and animal data" (PDF File).
"Statin-induced Cardiomyopathy"
"To Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease, Why Don't We All Cut Off Our Ear Lobes"

Joseph Mercola, M.D., "The Baycol Recall: How Safe is Your Statin?"

Thomas J, Moore, Chapter 5 from the book Heart Failure: A Critical Inquiry into American Medicine and the Revolution in Heart Care, (Touchstone Books, 1990)

Maryann Napoli, "Cholesterol skeptics and the Bad News about Statin Drugs"

Uffe Ravnskov, P.D., PheD.

"1. Your cholesterol tells very little about your future health"
"6. The Effect of the statins is not due to cholesterol-lowering"
The Cholesterol Myths: Exposing the Fallacy that Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease. (New Trends Publishing, 2000).
The Cholesterol Myths – website
"Evidence that statin treatment causes cancer," Letter to the editor of Lancet, sent 10. December 2002
letter to the editor, BMJ 2002;324:789 (30 March)
"Statins as the new aspirin"

Nicholas Regush, Red Flag Daily's "Health Trend Forecast," May 16, 2003 (a newsletters sent to Red Flags subscribers, now defunct).

Paul Rosch, M.d., F.A.C.P.

"Converting Millions of Healthy People into Perpetual Patients"
letter to the editor of the Washington Post
Paul J. Rosch, M.D., F.A.C.P., "Do You Have High Blood Pressure?" originally in the July Health and Stress monthly newsletter of the American Institute of Stress

Gary Taubes, "The Soft Science of Dietary Fat"

Mark Taylor, "Ignaz Semmelweiss: 'Please wash your hands'"

Therapeutics Initiative of the Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics of the University of British Columbia, Therapeutics Letters, April - May - June 2003. "Do Statins Have a Role in Primary Prevention?" Also available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

Dr. Julian M. Whitaker, M.D., "Citizen Petition to Change the Labeling for All Statin Drugs . . ." (PDF file)

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