Kasma & Mom at Aw Dtaw Gkaw Market

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Fruit Vendor at Aw Dtaw Gkaw Market

Here’s Kasma and her mom buying fruit. The purple fruit in front is mangosteen (mongkut, in Thai) with oranges to the right and a couple varieties of green mango behind; there are a number of varieties of mango grown to be sold and eaten while green, often with a dipping sauce made from salt, sugar and chillies. Kasma’s mom is in her mid-80’s — whenever we are in Thailand we take her out to lunch as often as we can. Often her energy level is low and she doesn’t want to walk very far. The day we brought her to Aw Dtaw Gkaw market she walked for a long ways and a long time, so interested in everything she saw that she didn’t have time to be tired. She probably bought more than either Kasma or myself.

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