Fresh Fried Chive Cakes

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Chive Cakes

These delicious-looking Chive Cakes are from a street vendor right on Sukhumvit Road just before soi 57. First they are steamed and then fried to get the lovely crust. This is just one of dozens of enticing treats that greet you as you wonder the streets in the morning — with so much great looking food how can there be so many skinny Thai people! (Hint: it’s not by following the food pyramid! Thai people traditionally cooked with rendered animal fats, such as lard and palm oil and ate a large number of foods that the current people advising us about diet — the same people who recommended margarine for all those years — tell us not to eat; things such as eggs, fish eggs, pork and lots of organ meat. Now that the Western propaganda about polyunsaturated fats (soy oil) is taking over and as more snacks are made with processed white flour and granulated sugar, you begin to see more and more fat Thai people, which is hardly a coincidence.) The snack’s Thai name is Kanom Gooy-Chai.

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