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The Joke

Sean has a room with a widow woman in Ireland. He works at several jobs and saves up enough money to go to America. When he tells his landlady, Mrs. Dunn, that he was finally going she said:

"You know my son went to America several years ago. I got one card from him that he lived in a little white house in Connecticut and never another word. Would you look him up, Sean, and ask him to write?"

When the ship goes to America, Sean goes through the procedure on Ellis Island. When he’s through and on the mainland, he asks the first man he sees: "How do I get to Connecticut?" He is directed to the bus station when Sean buys a ticket to Connecticut, gets on the bus and sits right in back of the driver. He asks: "Will you tell me when we get to Connecticut?"

The bus was a local and stopped often. Each time Sean asked: "Is this Connecticut?"

At long last they pull into a gasoline station and the driver tell Sean he is in Connecticut. Sean thanks him profusely, jumps off the bus, gets his bag and hurries toward the station. The attendant comes out and Sean asks:

"Where’s the little white house?"

The man said : "Around in back."

And sure enough, when Sean hurries around the station, there is a little white house. Just then a man come out, so Sean rushes up and says:

"Are you Dunn?"

The man replies, "Yup"

Sean yells: "Why don’t you write your mother!!!!!"

The Context

This is not one of my favorite jokes but because of the frequency with which someone in the family would knowingly ask "Are you Dunn?" must be included.

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